Burgers and beers(Redwood)

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

The electric energy of the people who run Burgers And Beers in Christchurch has found its way into every bit of this restaurant. Whether it is their burgers or the dedication to reinstate the lost glory of burgers, nothing is untouched with their passion. They’re all about burgers and beers. This strategy of keeping it simple and attracting the most diverse customer base with this simplicity seems to be working out really well for them. Both the carnivores and the vegetarians will find plenty of options to enjoy a burger.

Burgers like Tree-gan, Cheese Retro Vision, New Orleans and Caesar Pleaser can lift the spirits of the customers who don’t like meat in their burgers. And the mouth-watering goodness dripping from Shagged Stag, Sunday Roast and Iwi Burger is a doorway to another dimension. Use Give Me Bread app to place your order and it will be delivered within minutes to your home. Try it now.

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