Burgers and beers(Sydenham)

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

Whether it is their Pulp Fiction Burger or the Flaming Mexican Burger, Burgers And Beers in Christchurch know how to please a burger-lover. The impeccable chips and gravy might even be the reason that their restaurant is always packed. Some customers turn to them for their weekly fix and others search for an opportunity to try their burgers again. They don’t believe in formalities, that’s why small burgers were never on their menu. You need a big burger to satiate that big hunger and they promise to deliver big burgers that are big in flavour.

Get Crumbled Cheese Pleaser or the Sunday Roast to experience a burger in its true glory. People managing this restaurant are eclectic in their approach and electric in their dedication. Soft and fresh or delicious and crispy, you choose your combination and they will do it. Explore their menu and order something right now using Give Me Bread App. If you’re lucky, you will find great deals on your order.

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