Celine's Bar & Restaurant

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

Lovers of meat and Chinese cuisine will be rejoiced to know that Celine’s Bar & Restaurant in Christchurch combines them both to tantalize the taste buds. Their BBQ has won many hearts around Christchurch. If anything feels too dry to eat, then you can pair it up with the hot and delicious soups. You can choose from chicken soup, casserole soup, chef special pork soup and fish soup. This bar and restaurant know the art of combining different dishes to get an ideal dining experience. So, whether you want lemon chicken or stir-fried lamb with garlic, you can get it from them.

The elaborate menu and the expertise over Chinese cuisine have earned them a distinct place in the corridors of the restaurant business in Christchurch. Order your food from them whenever you want anything from a calming cold dish to intricately textured sweet and sour pork. Use Give Me Bread app to order your food right now.

Now you can order Food from Celine's Bar & Restaurant in Christchurch to get food delivery at your doorstep.


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