Corner House

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

The freshness, the flavour and the spice of the dishes at Corner House in Christchurch is enough to make any foodie burst with joy. Authentic Chinese is hard to find in the crowd of not-so-authentic restaurants but Corner House has the experience, expertise and the most important of it all - access to distinct culinary heritage of China. Their prawn dumpling, deep fried squid or any other dish in the menu redefines exceptional deliciousness.

Whether you want chicken fried rice or the delight of dim sum, this restaurant can deliver on its promises. Chinese cuisine has captured the imagination of both young and old foodies; this restaurant shows us why it is so. Appropriate seasoning and impeccable presentation of food have also made them highly popular in Christchurch. So, take a deep dive in the intricacies of the Chinese cuisine. You can place your order from the app of Give Me Bread to get your delivery with lightning speed.

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