Dragon Garden

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

Deep fried steam buns, beef brisket on rice, prawn fried noodle and many other Chinese dishes can be found in the long menu of Dragon Garden in Christchurch. This Chinese restaurant is recognized by many as the best place to get a delicious yum cha. Give Me Bread especially recommends you to try the different combination of noodles and rice to experience the true taste. Mainland China won’t seem far away after eating their food. The strange yet fascinating combination of mushy and crispy dishes always mesmerizes the customer.

Chinese dishes are characterized by vegetables, herbs, seasonings, snacks and soups along with some cold dishes. You won’t miss out on anything when you decide to order your food from Dragon Garden. We won’t say more as the rest of it is meant to be experienced. Order the food right now from Give Me Bread app to avail great discounts.

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