Indian Sumner

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

When farm fresh ingredients are handpicked by the people who hold significant knowledge of Indian dishes, the end result is an ideal feat of flavour. That’s exactly what happens in Indian Sumner in Christchurch. It started as a takeaway and has transformed into one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Christchurch. Whether you are looking for traditional Indian dishes or want to taste something spicy, this restaurant is the right place to order from. The owners have extensive experience of living in different countries around the world. So, they do understand the diversity of preferences in terms of flavours, spices and seasoning.

The menu covers everything from Chicken Tikka Masala to Palak Paneer, from Garlic Naan to Fish or Prawn Madras and from Vegetable Samosa to Pulao Rice. Their rapid progress shows the quality and taste they serve in their food. Give Me Bread is giving you the opportunity to taste their food in the comfort of your home. Order the food now from our app to get quick delivery.

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