Pizza at the Reddie

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

Pizza At The Reddie in Christchurch is the kind of place that becomes part of your life by consistently delivering quality on every serving. Their consistent quality makes a place in people’s heart and they almost take it for granted. There can’t be a better response from customers for an eatery. When a place becomes part of a community and people think of it as a preferred place for satisfying their hunger, there are no doubts left regarding their food or service. Pizza At The Reddie is the perfect example of such a place.

Both travellers and residents shower their praise on this joint for delivering absolutely delicious Hawaiian Pizza, Pepperoni Pizza, Smoke Barbeque Chicken, Chicken & Bacon Penne Pasta and Beef Burger. Their menu is not limited to these tasty dishes; there is definitely more to explore and taste. Give Me Bread is proud to say that this joint is part of our family. Order a traditional pizza or a gourmet pizza right now from our app.

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