Red Elephant Sydenham

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

Red Elephant Sydenham in Christchurch is in business since 2002 and surviving for this long requires expertise at what you do. So, you can put your faith in your faith in their cooking skills without any worry. Their food is known for the unique flavours that can be found particularly in Thai cuisine. Tom Yum Goong (King Prawn), Fish Cakes, Red Curry, Pad Thai and Tom Kar Gai (Special Herbs) are some of the dishes that are capable of delivering true essence of Thai food. Chef’s specials like Larb E-Sarn and Mrs B Dish give you the option of tasting something truly special.

Ginger, Holy Basil, Chilli, Lemongrass and coriander are the secret weapons to provide a range of seasonings and a unique blend of flavours which symbolise Thai cooking. Their food is also known for satiating the most discerning palates. You can try their dishes right now by getting it delivered to your doorstep. Use Give Me Bread app to order now.

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