Royal Tandoor Sydenham

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

The words “Indian Cuisine” bring to the mind pictures of colourful spices and smell of delicious curries. Royal Tandoor Sydenham in Christchurch makes it all real and everything you can imagine about Indian dishes. Traditional recipes and use of finest quality cooking ingredients set them apart from other Indian restaurants. They also offer the option of fine-tuning the dish to your preferences. However, most of the times you won’t ask for fine-tuning because when dishes like butter chicken are ready to be served, who can complain about the spices. That’s where the magic lies.

If you’re someone who has never tasted an Indian dish, then get ready to be introduced to a whole new world. Other than the main course, you can order something on the side like Mango Lassi, Bombay Aloo or Pulao Rice. Don’ forget, naan with chicken, which can be anything from Chicken Do Pyaza to kadai chicken. Order through Give Me Bread app.

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