Shanghai Street Dumplings

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

Shanghai Street Dumplings in Christchurch are capable of always delivering mouth-watering dumplings because they consider and treat deliciousness of food as a necessity. For them, nothing is as important as the joy of eating something that leaves you wondering about the divinity of the flavours. Norman, the owner and guiding force of the place, is considered the undisputed dumpling king of the town and we can’t really argue against it. The little packages of joy, which are also referred as dumplings by some, are crafted delicately with the help of family recipe secrets.

The dishes of this place can be described as an exhibition of creative freedom and delightful freshness. The distinct flavours of mainland China come alive in their offered dishes. Dumplings are not the only thing in which they specialize. Their beans are also quite popular in the neighbourhood; the only difference now is the limit of neighbourhood is gone. Give Me Bread is delivering hot, tasty dumplings directly to your home. Use our app to place your order.

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