Impact we are leaving

Don’t be afraid to order

First of all, you need to stop worrying about ordering food. As some of the latest studies have shown, ordering meal kits leaves less carbon footprint than grocery shopping, as they have lower average greenhouse gas emissions and lower transportation emissions.

It’s better to leave your car parked and order grocery or meal delivery – the delivery driver’s bike or car filled to its capacity saves more CO2 emissions as it delivers to more places than multiple cars going to and fro..

Pre-portioned Meals

When you order from GIMME, you are doing so by getting pre-portioned meals which is saving food waste. Lesser the waste higher the impact.

Tree Planted for Every Loyal Customer

For every Loyal Customer that completes a cycle with GIMME, we plant a Tree

Electric Vehicels

We plan to electrify our entire fleet by 2027.

We are a Sustainable

For every Loyal Customer, we plant a tree!

You save 0.5 tons of carbon emissions in one a year when you order from GIMME.

We Wil to become a net zero emission company by 2027.

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