Thai Orchid

Taste knows no limits or boundaries. Widen your horizons and be a worldwide-foodie.

Thai Orchid in Christchurch boasts of the nicest people who take your order nicely and prepare your food exactly to your preferences. So, whether you need your dish intensified or toned-down in terms of spiciness or thickness, just tell them and their chef will blend the ingredients to present exactly what you want. Chu Chi Pla, Lamb Shanks, Pla Rad Prik and Ped Palo are just some of their mouth-watering dishes. If you’re craving some appetizers, you can also find anything from Chicken Wings to Crispy Prawns in their menu.

Simple dishes like noodles and rice are one of their most popular dishes. They also offer recipes that are as old as 300 years. So, your search for a restaurant that offers authentic Thai cuisine ends here. You can expect some tasty and vibrant food from this place. Use Give Me Bread app or just log in to our website and order now.

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